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Graduation Exams for Nursing Students in June 2024
Time: 2024-05-21
Publisher: 教学办
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1. Theoretical exam (approximately accounting for 50% of the total score)

1) Time

7 June 2024 2PM-4PM

2) Basic requirements:

To test the medical student’s ability to solve practical problems using basic theories and basic knowledge, combined with practical experience during the internship.

3) Exam questions:

There will be 100 multiple choice questions in the exam. Students should answer the questions according to the clinical environment or conditions provided by the questions (necessary aided inspection, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, drug dose and data).

        4) Exam subjects:

General nursing subjects: including basic nursing 30%, internal medicine nursing 25%, surgical nursing 25%, gynecology and obstetrics nursing 10%, pediatric nursing 10%.

2. Nursing skills exam (approximately accounting for 40% of the total score)

1) Time (5 June 2024)

2) Content


Oxygen inhalation


Vital sign measurement


Intramuscular injection

3. Assessment by the hospital (approximately accounting for 10% of the total score)

The hospital assesses each student according to their study attitude, attendance, performance and comments of the teachers during the internship.

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