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Registration Guidance for Freshmen
Time: 2019-11-01
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Registration Guidance for freshman


Welcome to Xuzhou Medical University

Hope to see you soon


This guidance handbook contains all the essential information that will facilitate your smooth on boarding experience to Xuzhou Medical University. If you go through this handbook you would become familiar with the registration procedures, travel information, Tuition fees payment process and basic China laws that govern entry and exit in China.

In addition, feel free to check our website to know about your university. Should you have any questions, please contact us.


1.   Preparations before departure

2.   Travel guidance to our campus

3.   The University Map

4.   A brief introduction to registration procedures after arrival





1. Preparations before departure

Transfer the fees to the university’s account (you can find it in your admission notice letter) in CNY or USD directly, or finish payment after you come to school with local bank card before visa extension. If you transfer US dollars, the financial department will charge it according to the current exchange rate when they receive the money.  


For those who haven’t booked the tickets to China, please tell your agent or school the detailed information once you buy the tickets. Please remember that the time for registering is between Sept.2nd and Sept. 30th. If you arrive two weeks after registration deadline without asking for permission from school in advance shall be treated as quitting the admission.

We strongly suggest that the arriving time in Xuzhou shall be during our working time, from each Mon. to Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., which will be convenient for teachers, faculties and volunteers to arrange the students’ stay here.





2. Travel guidance to our campus

    Getting to XZMU (the Main Campus)

(1) From Xuzhou Guanyin Airport (徐州观音机场出发)

By taxi: The ride takes about 40 minutes, depending on traffic, and costs about 200 RMB.

By bus: The ride from the Xuzhou Guanyin Airport to Xuzhou Train Station takes about one hour, depending on traffic, and costs 20.00 RMB.


(2) From Xuzhou East Railway Station(徐州东站出发)

By taxi: The ride takes approximately 15 minutes, depending on traffic, and costs about 15.00 to 20.00 RMB.

By bus: The bus ride from the Station to Xuzhou Medical University takes approximately 20 minutes. The fare is 1.00/2.00 RMB if you take bus no. 10.

By metro:Metro Line 1 (direction to Lu Wo) from Xuzhou East Railway Station to the station of Xuzhou Medical University,totally 3 stations with approximately 5 minutes. Take exit No. 3 and head north.


(3) From Xuzhou Railway Station(徐州站出发)

By taxi: The ride takes approximately 15 minutes, depending on traffic, and costs about 20.00 to 30.00 RMB.

By metro:Metro Line 1 (direction to Xuzhou East Railway Station) from Xuzhou Railway Station to the station of Xuzhou Medical University,totally 5 stations with approximately 10 minutes. Take exit No. 3 and head north.


Note: The pictures of different types of formal taxies in our city





1. You can print out the following page and ask our local people or airport staff for help.

学校地址 University Address


江苏省徐州市铜山路209  邮编221004

School of International Education of Xuzhou Medical University

No. 209, Tongshan Road, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, 221004

Tel: +86-0516-83262808





To whom it may concern,

    Hello! I’m a freshman of Xuzhou Medical University. I want to go to the Dongdianzi Campus for registering. Would you please help me to call a formal taxi to my college? Thank you very much!





Mr./Ms. Driver,

    Please drive me to Xuzhou Medical University on Tongshan Road, no. 209, and give me a receipt after we arrive there. Thank you very much!



2. After you reach our campus, you can contact the following teacher and the international volunteer students:

1) Regular working time: each Mon. to Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. excluding festivals and holidays

Office tel.: 0516-83262808

 2) If teacher is not available, e.g. Off-working time, please contact student volunteers: will be appointed at registration time.




3. The University Map                                                     

Note: please find the two gates, and SIE (School of International Education). Enter the north gate near SIE and  come to Hotel building room 428 (International Student Affairs Office) for registration during working hours.




4. A brief introduction to registration procedures after arrival

 1). Handing in the original admission materials to the teacher for checking.

Requirement: a. Passport b. Admission letter c. JW202 form

d. The physical exam report e. other supportive materials based on enrollment notice and admission letter

 2). Going to the police station with passport for Temporary Residence Permit.(within 24 hours after arrival in our campus)

Note: a. You must finish this procedure based on China laws. And if accompanied by parents or friends who are also from foreign countries, they shall go with you to the police station for it. Please remember to submit the form which you get from police station for record.

b. The address of the police station in charge of our school living area is :徐州市公安局云龙分局店子派出所 (Dianzi police station).

c. For those who live outside campus should contact their house owner for police station address and finish this procedure.

d. A fine of 2,000 CNY will be imposed by police if you fail to doso; which may also affect your visa renewal in future.

 3). Students are required to buy a sim card in order to open a bank account.

Requirements for a sim card: a. Passport       b.100 RMB

Requirements for a bank card: a. Passport   b.10-15 RMB   c.30 RMB for online banking (optional)

Note: once you come to the campus, you need to first get a local sim card and use the sim card to create an ABC or other bank account. If you bring US dollars, you can then exchange them for RMB which you can then deposit into your new account. With your new local bank account, you can then proceed to complete your financial transactions.

 4). Students shall complete payment of fees in the university financial office and school office based on the admission letter.

Fee structure for M.B.B.S. and NURSING program students (CNY/ Academic Year)







Deposit for   hostel


33000 (MBBS)






30000 (Nursing)

Place for payment

The Financial   Dep.: Administration Building 115

Office of 428 of   SIE

 5). Students need to do their physical examination in the prescribed hospital and submit the exam report and certificate to school after checking.

Requirements: a. Passport b. Passport head page photocopies

c. about 400 RMB d. Photographs (1*2 inches) with white background.

 Note: The address of the prescribed hospital is : 西安南路130号徐州市出入境检验检疫局 .

 6). After 7 days of registration in police station, you can go to the city visa office for one year residence permit:


a. Passport

b. Both original and photocopy of admission letter, JW202 form(the yellow one), and physical examination reports from the prescribed hospital

c. About 400-800 RMB for visa extension

d. Visa and residence permit application form

e. Official letter from SIE

f. The stamped temporary residence permit form you get from the police station


a. The address of the local visa office is: 矿山路33号徐州市公安局出入境管理处

a. Please remember to collect back the original admission letter and physical exam report & certificate and submit them to school after visa extension.

b. The visa office will give you the return paper of visa extension, and you need to keep it well and go to visa office again based on the date written on it to collect your passport back.

P. S.

1) With X1 visa, you will have 30 days temporary residence permit after your arrival in China.

2) None of the above mentioned registration procedures can be done during weekends, which means you only have around 20 days to finish them before your visa expiry date.

3) All these procedures will be explained in detail upon your arrival by your teacher in students’ orientation.

4) Please note that some of the above information is subject to change without prior notice, please contact School of International Education, Xuzhou Medical University for specifics.

For more details of our university, welcome to visit our official website:

Wish you a happy journey to our university!

School of International Education

Xuzhou Medical University

All rights reserved @2019 School of International Education of Xuzhou Medical University