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Time: 2019-11-01
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    Xuzhou, referred to as Xu, the ancient name of Pengcheng, Jiangsu provincial city, located in the northwest of Jiangsu, the southeast of the North China Plain, the north wing of the Yangtze River Delta, the north of the Yangtze River Delta, the north of the Weishan Lake, the West Xiaoxian, the east to Lianyungang, the south to Suqian, the Beijing Hangzhou and the Grande Canale, and the two main lines of the Longhai and Beijing Shanghai railway lines in Xuzhou, which have been known as "five provinces Tong" The name of the Quzhou. Xuzhou is an important gateway city in East China. It is an important center of science and education, culture, finance, tourism, medical treatment and Exhibition Center in East China. It is also an important economic, commercial and foreign trade center in Jiangsu.    

    Xuzhou is located in the northwest of Jiangsu Province, only 300 kilometers away from Nanjing. The original name of Xuzhou is “Pengcheng”, with 6000-year splendid culture. During its long history Xuzhou has proved to be a town of great strategic importance. Since the Xia dynasty more than 200 wars have been fought here, making the region very interesting from an archaeological point of view. 2000 years ago Xiang Yu crowned himself king of the Western Chu kingdom and made Xuzhou his capital.

    The city covers an area of 11,258 square kilometers with the total population of more than 8 millions. Xuzhou is historically called the cross-road of five provinces. Now it has a complete transportation system of air, rail, highways and waterways, which brings great convenience to travelers and business people.

    As a beautiful city with a long history, Xuzhou embraces many historical sites and places of interest, among which Tombs of Han Dynasty and Yunlong scenic spot should be highlighted. Guishan Han Tomb is the tomb for Liu Zhu and his wife, the sixth Prince and Princess of Chu State. Everything needed in daily life is found in the bedroom, dinning room, stable and kitchen which can still be seen in what is essentially a splendid under ground palace. Every passage of the tomb is blocked up by 26 blocks of stone, each of which is as heavy as 6 or 7 tons. Such a carefully dug and polished gigantic tomb project is a superb piece of art and a tribute to ancient Chinese craftsmen. Yunlong scenic spot is located in the south of Xuzhou, with a body of water of 5.8 square kilometers, and a land area of5.6 square kilometers. The lake is surrounded by green hills. Along the green lake bank, one can see extraordinary splendor through all of the four seasons: peach flowers and willows in the spring; red pomegranate in the summer; maple trees in the autumn; and plum blossom against white snow in winter.

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