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Graduation Exams for clinical medicine students in July 2023
Time: 2023-05-05
Publisher: 教学办
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1. Theoretical exams (approximately accounting for 50% of the total score)

1) Time:

12 June 2023   3PM-5PM

13 June 2023   3PM-5PM

2) Basic requirements:

To test the medical student’s ability to solve practical problems using basic theories and basic knowledge, combined with practical experience during the internship.

3) Exam questions:

There will be 100 multiple choice questions in each exam. Students should answer the questions according to the clinical environment or conditions provided by the questions (necessary aided inspection, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, drug dose and data).

  4) Exam subjects:

A. Non-surgery subject (25% of the total score of the graduation exam), including internal medicine 50%, pediatrics 25%, infectious diseases 10%, neurology and psychiatry 15%. Key subjects: internal medicine and pediatrics.

B. Surgery subjects: (25% of the total score of the graduation exam), including surgery 70%, obstetrics and gynecology 30%.

2. Clinical skills exam (approximately accounting for 40% of the total score)

      1) Time (26 May 2023)

      2) Content


Physical examination

Patients general case;

Each student please choose one item from the following: head and neck examination, chest examination, back examination, abdomen examination, limbs and nervous system examination.


Lumbar puncture







1) The collection of hepatitis history. Patient's condition: Yellow skin for 6 days, mild skin itching, accompanied by fatigue, poor appetite, nausea, disgust, greasy, deepened urine color, stool color becomes shallow.

2) Cough, expiratory dyspnea for three days, accompanied by low fever and yellow phlegm; Having a slender figure and a barrel shaped chest, prone to fatigue; Auscultation shows weakened respiratory sounds in both lungs, prolonged exhalation, and audible moist rales.

3. Assessment by the hospital (approximately accounting for 10% of the total score)

   The hospital assesses each student according to their study attitude, attendance, performance and comments of the teachers during the internship.

Additional notes for students who are not in China:

1. Please upload your scanned logbook via the following link, and name file as “Name_ID_Logbook"

     Deadline: 30 May 2023

2. Please refer to the following instructions for clinical skills exam:

1) This can be organized by the internship hospital where the candidate is located. The whole test process needs to be recorded. In the video, you can ask friends or to cooperate with you (similar to standardized patients or role-playing).

2) The video file should be named as “Name_ID_Skill content", and uploaded via the link

As shown in Figure

3) Deadline for uploading the videos30 May 2023

3. Online theoretical exams:

Candidates need to prepare two electronic devices, one for doing the exam (which has to be mobilephone, as candidates need to use Superstar APP to take the exam) and the other for monitoring the behavior. The monitoring device needs to be set at 45 degrees to the right rear of the candidates seat, and the candidates should make sure that their computer screen or mobile screen can be observed through the motitoring device. The school will establish Zoom meeting ID and ask candidates to join it for surveillance video. As shown in Figure

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