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Notice on School of International Education Students Applying for Graduation in December 2022
Time: 2022-11-02
Publisher: 教学办
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Please read the notice carefully and submit the application materials in accordance with the requirements. The details are as follows:

1. Applicants Requirements:

1) Intern in China, intern outside China

2) Have completed 48 weeks internship rotation or will complete before December 11, 2022

2. Application Materials


Intern outside China

Intern in China

Application form (Attachment1)

Electronic version

Electronic version

Internship handbook of school

Electronic scanned copy

Hand it in to the supervisor after the internship

HSK certificate

Electronic scanned copy

Electronic scanned copy

Internship certificate

Electronic scanned copy

After the end of the internship, it will be issued by school


1Material sending format:All materials should named after the student number + project name of the applicant, and all materials should uniformly packed into a folder (student number + name).

As shown in figure

2Email address for sending

Please fill in the email subject "Graduation application+ Student number + Name".

3Deadline for sending materialsNovember 11, 2022

4) Internship certificateofficially issued by the hospital, including the total internship period, department and each duration, official seal.

5) Students who cannot submit the internship certificate due to the end of the internship between November 11 and December 11, should submit the proof materials of current internship, such as the acceptance letter of internship in the hospital or the relevant temporary proof materials. After the end of the internship, the applicant should submit the official internship certificate to the school.

3. Applicants’ application materials will be reviewed by SIE. When application is approved, applicants will be informed of the details of the online graduation exam.

4. What applicants must be equipped with in order to take the online graduation exam:

1) Good network status

2) Two electronic devices, including a mobile phone for the online exam, and another electronic device for invigilation and ensuring access to ZOOM MEETING.

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