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Graduation Exams for MBBS students in July 2022
Time: 2022-04-29
Publisher: 汪琳琳
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1. Theoretical exam (accounting for 50% of the total score of the graduation exam)

1) Time: 13 June and 14 June(3PM-5PM)(The exam time will be adjusted due to changes in the epidemic, and it will be notified later)

2) Basic requirements: To test intern doctors’ ability to solve practical problems using basic theories and basic knowledge, combined with practical experience during the internship. The tests should be based on teaching programs and graduation practice programs.

3) Exam question types: 100 Multiple choice questions in each exam. Students should answer the questions according to the clinical environment or conditions provided by the questions (necessary aided inspection, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, drug dose and data).

4) Exam subjects:

A. Non-surgery subject (25% of the total score of the graduation exam), including internal medicine 50%, pediatrics 25%, infectious diseases 10%, neurology and psychiatry 15%. Key subjects: internal medicine and pediatrics.

B. Surgery subjects: (25% of the total score of the graduation exam), including surgery 70%, obstetrics and gynecology 30%.

2. Exam of clinical basic skills (accounting for 40% of the total score of the graduation exam)

1) Content

A. Physical examination

①patient’s general case

②Each student pick randomly one item:head and neck examination, chest examination, back examination, abdomen examination, limbs and nervous system examination.

B. Interpretation of accessory examination

    ECG, X-ray, CT,Ultrasonic diagnosis

C. Lumbar puncture


E. History-taking

3. Assessment by the hospital (accounting for 10% of the total score of the graduation exam)

The hospital grade each student according to their study attitude, discipline, performance, comments of the teachers.


1.Those who cannot return to school, apply for graduation, and have passed the review of application materials , can be allowed to take the online graduation exam.

Clinical skill exam: Can be organized by the internship hospital where the candidate is located. The questions are provided by SIE(School of International Education, Xuzhou Medical University). The whole test process needs to be recorded. The video file should be named as (ID+NAME+EXAM ITEM) sent to the teaching affairs office of SIE(

Deadline23 May

If your file is too large to be sent as an email attachment, consider using a cloud disk to save and share.pls provide your account and password to school),don't use Google Drive and OneDrivethese websites can't be opened in China.

File sharing methods for reference:



2. Online theoretical exams: candidates need to prepare two electronic devices, one for doing the exam(must be mobilephone, use Superstar APP take the exam) and the other for monitoring the behavior. The monitoring device needs to be set at 45 degrees to the right rear of the candidate’s seat, the candidates should make sure that their computer screen or mobile screen can be observed through the motitoring device. The school will establish meeting ID and ask candidates to join it for surveillance video. (The mock test will be organized before the test, and the specific time will be notified later.)

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