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Notice on the Selection of Outstanding Graduates of Xuzhou Medical University in 2022
Time: 2022-04-20
Publisher: 汪琳琳
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I. Selection Objects

2022 undergraduate students.

II. Selection Conditions

1. Obtained university-level or above scholarship in consecutive years.

2. Students who have made outstanding contributions to the development of SIE or university in a particular aspect during the school period: Certification Letter.

3. If student has any of the following conditions, he/she will be disqualified:

(1) Those who failed in the exams of any subject during academic study;

(2) Those who are punished for breaking the law or violating the school rules and discipline;

(3) Unable to obtain graduation certificate or degree certificate due to various reasons;

(4) Other non-assessment requirements specified by SIE.

III. Selection Deadline

17:00 p.m.,April 25, 2022

Please submit the electronic formand attachments to your supervisor.

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