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Notice on School of International Education Students Applying for Graduation in July 2022
Time: 2022-03-21
Publisher: 王俊
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In order to standardize the internship and graduation management for international students, according to Regulations on Internship and Extension of Graduation for International Undergraduate Students of Xuzhou Medical University (Trial), the relevant matters are notified as follows:

As for those who apply for graduation July, 2022, including applicants who have been doing the internship in non-appointed hospitals and have completed 48 weeks rotation or will complete before June 12, 2022 and applicants who apply for postponing graduation,they must apply from March 21, 2022 to April 6, 2022 to SIE(School of International Education)for participating in the graduation examinations,applicants should package the materials required below, collect and send materials by each batchIndividual delivery is not acceptable:

1.“Application Form”(No matter where the students doing the internship, all the students who want to apply for graduation this time are required to submit the graduation application form.



(1)For International Students Doing Internship outside China: How to Come back to Xuzhou Medical University for Graduation?Please submit the materials according to the requirements in this website


(2)For International Students Doing Internship in China:

Students who have passed the HSK are required to provide a scanned copy of the certificate.

3.Students who have completed the internship shall participate in the graduation examination, and will be conferred with graduation and degree certificates if they pass the graduation examinations and meet the relevant requirements.

“ Bachelor’ s Degree Granting Regulations for International Students of XZMC”


4.Applicants’ application materials will be reviewed by SIE. When application is approved, applicants will be informed of the details of the online graduation exam.

5.What applicants must be equipped with in order to take the online graduation exam:

1)Good network status

2)Two electronic devices, including a mobile phone for the online exam, and another electronic device for invigilation and ensuring access to ZOOM MEETING.

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