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FAQs for International Education Programs Application
Time: 2022-03-25
Publisher: 王俊
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1. When should I apply for the program that I am interested in?

We usually open school system with updated information on school website in March. Please refer to the current year admission brochure for the specific time range. If there is any extension or change in future, we will put it in our school website:, or directly in the News List of the online system for application:

2. How do I apply?

All applications should be submitted online in our application portal. The website is Applicants should sign up for a user name with valid email address and submit all required documents to system. There is no need to send physical copies. Application guidance for our programs can be found in school website:, and also the registration guidance for using school system is on the system log in page: Make sure you will first read current year admission brochure before online application please.

3. Is there an application fee?

There is NO application fee. However, pre enrolled student(who received the pre admission E offer) shall pay the non-refundable admission deposit(partial tuition fees which will be offset as fees he/she needs to pay after registration in XZMU)for locking the seat and getting the rest admission procedures done.

4. If I receive a scholarship, do I have to pay an admission deposit in pre admission step?

Yes, you do need to pay the deposit in time even if you receive a full-tuition scholarship. Paying fees and receiving scholarship are two separate processes.

5. What types of scholarships are provided?

The scholarships include Xuzhou Medical University Scholarship for M.B.B.S. program (for old students), undergraduate nursing program (from admission year till graduation), and all postgraduate programs. For the detailed description of scholarships of a particular program, please refer to the corresponding prospectus from our school website: As to the Jiangsu Government Scholarship, it depends on the government plan each year. Sometimes it is set up for new students in admission year, and sometimes for old students after admission year. Those who submit information in government website still shall fill in application in our school system with related documents in admission time. One applicant will not be entitled for more than one kind of scholarship at the same time.

6. When will my study begin?

We currently only have fall intake for degree program, and spring intake for non-degree program. There is NO spring intake for degree programs. For enrolled students, please contact student affairs office written on your admission offer for details in new student’s registration time after you receive the letter.

7. I am applying for postgraduate study. Do I need to get an acceptance letter from my supervisor before I can be admitted?

The provisional acceptance letterwill be used as additional supportive materials for admission. Most postgraduate students do need an acceptance letter from the designated supervisor, while some applicants will be arranged with a professor after admission based on actual situation. After you submit your application, our school will conduct a preliminary review. If you meet our requirements, we will forward your application to related dept. for future check, or they may contact you for interview. Alternatively, you can also contact the supervisor by yourself to secure an acceptance letter. The letter can be downloaded at the bottom of the current year admission brochure web page. However, only when you complete all the admission procedures as required successfully and pass all the evaluation steps by different dept. of university and government offices, then SIE of XZMU will officially enroll you. Besides, please pay attention that the provisional acceptance letter is the document that will be signed by both the professor and the applicant in mutual selection time of application, while the two recommendation letters issued by associate professors (or above) are the documents that the applicants should have already prepared before application and then submit to system for showing their academic performances and other aspects, having nothing to do with the mutual selection of future study.

8. How will the teaching be conducted in the pandemic time?

Blended teaching with online and offline methods are conducted for both new and old students of our university no matter students are at home or in China based on actual situation.

9. Can a student live off-campus?

For undergraduate students, you may apply to live off-campus in the senior year, subject to approval by your parents and SIE. For postgraduate students, you may choose to live off-campus for the duration of your study. For the details, you can communicate with student affairs office after admission. Please be noted that the policies may change in actual situation and SIE keeps the right for adjustment.

10. Is there a canteen that offers halal food?

Yes, there is halal food canteen in our main campus.

11. What might be useful to put in “other documents” part in the online system during application?

If you have other supportive materials to upload in your online application for showing your excellence, you may upload it to "other documents" in our system, such as excellent performance certificates in study or social work, or any other certification for proving your performance.

Each document shall be less than 1.5mb in the format that the system accepts. No more than four documents can be uploaded in "other documents".

If you have more than one page to present, you can choose WORD or PDF to combine them into one document and then upload to system.

If you already submit your application and then you find you have other documents to add or revise, you can contact us via system message to send back your application for resubmission.

12. Is there anything to pay attention to when uploading mark sheets?

Usually applicant shall provide the official national standardized test results of their country. Besides, the scoring system/standards shall be attached with mark sheets. Those who provide international standardized test results might be considered with priority.

13. Is there any additional document required for applicants already in China or ever study in China?

1) The current visa and residence permit page of passport and study certificate including performance letter, graduation certificates and no objection to leave letter issued by the school in China shall be submitted to online system.

2) If the applicants are currently in China, they shall hold visa and residence permit having at least one to two months valid time counted from the date they submit the online application. (The longer the better.) During the application process, we do not deal with visa and residence permit extension. After admission, visa and residence permit extension will be dealt with in new students’ registration time guided by related office accordingly.

14. Is there anything else I should be careful about in application process?

The application process is not complicated. Please first read our school website information before you start to apply, and then when you register in the online system, you can see Notes in every step in system, and important notices will be shown in the news list of the system sign in page.

Keep in touch with us via the online system and check your message box frequently. Wish you all good luck!

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