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The School of International Education Held Paper-cutting Cultural Practice Teaching Activity
Time: 2023-06-20
Publisher: 对外汉语教研室
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        Chinese folk paper-cut art is an important part of Chinese folk culture.In order to build a platform for international students to exchange Chinese and promote the improvement of students' Chinese ability, on the afternoon of June 15, the School of International Education held a paper-cutting culture practice teaching activity in the main building room B302.

        By watching videosrelatedto thecontent, Ms. Liu Chang from the Teaching and Research Office of Chinese as a Foreign Language introduced the relevant knowledge of paper cutting from six aspects: "What is paper-cutting", "History of paper-cutting", "expression of paper-cutting", "Category of paper-cutting", "paper-cutting production", "paper-cutting and Chinese zodiacsigns".

        Later on, the teacher distributed the prepared paper, scissors and other materials, and the students selected the appropriate tools and favorite patterns, and began to cut paper in the melodiousChinese folkmusic.Under the guidance of the teacher,theypatiently folded, drew, engraved and cut, and realized the details and mysteries of each step.The most popular is paper-cutting with window cut. The students showed their achievements to their teachers and classmates, saying that they liked the activity very much, andwould like tointroduce this traditional Chinese cultural skill to their families and friends after returning home.

       As a cultural heritage of our country, paper-cutting fully embodies people's wisdom and diligence. It is very popular in the world with its unique shapesand colors.The practical teaching of paper-cutting culture not only enables foreign students to experience the fun of Chinese folk art creation, helps them to exert their rich imagination, broadens their cultural knowledge and aesthetic vision, but also enables them to further understand the excellent traditional Chinese culture and deepen cultural exchanges and mutual learning.

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