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Inheriting the Spirit of Lei Feng, Telling Good Stories of China
Time: 2023-03-24
Publisher: 学管办
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       On March 23rd, the School of International Education and the Department of Physical Education jointly carried out a cultural exchange activity titled "Inheriting the Spirit of Lei Feng, Telling Good Stories of China". More than 20 Chinese and international medical students participated in the event, which included storytelling, watching videos, discussing feelings, and volunteering, to let the spirit of Lei Feng silently integrate into the hearts of the students.

      This year marks the 60th anniversary of China's dispatch of medical teams to assist other countries. Chinese and foreign teachers and students jointly studied the letter that General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote to the members of the 19th batch of China's medical team assisting the Central African Republic. Since 1963, China has dispatched 30,000 medical team members to 76 countries and regions worldwide, providing medical treatment to 290 million patients.

      Through this cultural exchange activity, teachers and students felt the spirit of the medical teams dispatched to assist other countries, who fear no difficulties, be willing to dedicate oneself, save lives and help the injured, and love boundlessly. Everyone expressed their determination to seize the day and cherish the hour, learn medical knowledge and skills well, actively participate in volunteer services, and motivate themselves with the spirit of China's medical teams, making contributions to promoting the construction of a global community of health for all.

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