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International Students Celebrate for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
Time: 2022-03-22
Publisher: 王俊
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2022 Beijing Winter Olympics have come to a successful conclusion, this big event has attracted the attention and praise from all over the world. Xuzhou Medical University School of International Education organized a series of activities for international students experiencing the Olympic spirit and culture.

Let’s see the splendid moments of the activities.

Students wore the outfits of ice skating, come on the skating rink with skating- auxiliary equipment, started learning how to stand, walk and keep balance on the ice. After many times of trials and practices, everyone had mastered the skill of ice skating elementarily.

Moreover, teachers from School of International Education encouraged international students to sing the theme song of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics ‘Together for a Shared Future’. All the students had found pleasure in the enjoyable activity as well as Chinese study.

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