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Mid-term Examination Measures for International Master’s Students at Xuzhou Medical University
Time: 2020-07-17
Publisher: 王俊
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In order to enhance the management and improve the quality of the international master’s students, School of International Education of Xuzhou Medical University develops the measures.

1. Examination requirements

The university will conduct the mid-term examination among the concerning international master’s students according to their training plans, through the process of which, the students will be checked if they have been equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills to undertake the scientific researches and if they can provide a thesis with sufficient novelty, advancement and scientificity.

2. Examinees

Master students who are in their third year and still have not completed the opening report.

3. Examination measures

The examination will be conducted by the School of International Education, who will establish an International Master’s Student Mid-examination Team.

The examination will take the main forms of a defense and an evaluation of moral qualities and team spirits.

The students should prepare a PowerPoint to present the thesis progression, from the aspects of the choice of project (novelty, advancement and scientificity), literature review and the achievements during the current stage.

The respective departments, the tutors, School of International Education and the students themselves will collectively fill the forms with conclusive comments on students’ moral qualities, team spirits and overall performance. Students who meet both the requirements academically and behaviourally will be advised to continue with their research works, while those who receive a negative response will be advised to terminate their studies.

4. Study termination

After the mid-term examination, master’s students who are advised to terminate their studies will be issued related certificates according to the regulations of the university and students’ own situations.

5. Others

This regulation will be explained by School of International Education and will take effect as of the date when it is published.

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