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Regulations for Implementation of Thesis Defense and Degree-conferring of International Graduate Students in Xuzhou Medical College (Trial)
Time: 2020-01-09
Publisher: 王俊
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Chapter One  General provisions

Article 1

In accordance with The Regulations for Universities and Colleges to Accept Foreign Students, formulated by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Public Security, The Trial Measures for Universities and Colleges to Confer Foreign Students Chinese Degrees, formulated by Academic Degree Committee of the State Council and other related laws and regulations, combined with the actual situations of our college, these regulations are formulated for the purpose of promoting the influence of international education, maintaining the normal education order and ensuring the education quality for international graduate students of the college.

Article 2

During the studying, international graduate students must abide by the laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China and the academic ethics, observe and fulfill the regulations, disciplines and the relevant provisions of degree and education of our college.

Article 3

Approved by the Degree Committee of the State Council and our province, our college is entitled to confer master’s degree to international graduate students.

Chapter Two  Conferring Master’s Degree

Article 4

To be conferred a master’s degree, international graduate student must pass the course exams and thesis defense, and meet the following academic and foreign language standards.

4.1 Master the solid basic theory and systemic professional knowledge of the specialty

4.2 Be able to engage in scientific research or undertake special technical work independently.

4.3 International graduate students studying for clinical degree should be able to use the first foreign language (Chinese) in simple clinical communication. International graduate students studying for academic degree should be able to use the first foreign language (Chinese) to read simple Chinese materials of the specialty.

Article 5

Anyone bearing the following cases will not be conferred the degree:

5.1 Studying program unfinished.

5.2 Record of a demerit, more severe punishment than demerit, or more than one punishment.

5.3 Having serious problems in ideology, moral quality, legal compliance, life behavior etc.

5.4 Failing to pass the thesis evaluation.

5.5 The professional work does not conform to the relevant provisions and requirements of this regulation.

Article Six The master degree award work of international graduate students of our college is done twice each year. It is usually held at the end of June or according to the graduation time of the graduates. For those international students pursuing a Master degree, they should complete all the subjects regulated by the curriculum and passed every subject before applying the degree. When applying degree, the materials listed below are requested:

6.1 Application letter for Master Degree. Application letter consists of reasons of application, thesis related material, tutor reviews and resolution book of Thesis Defense Committee.

6.2  Personal studying program and related course transcript of master degree graduate students

6.3  Master Degree thesis.

6.4 All research thesis published publicly during studyingjournals above the provincial level.

6.5 Original experiment record of scientific and research work during studying.

6.6 Records of academic activities.  

Article Seven Basic requirements for master degree thesis

7.1 Fundamental argument is correct, and of certain theoretical meaning and practical value.

7.2 Post-graduate student is supposed to finish the main part of the thesis independently and have their own understanding and ideas about their research topic, showing their abilities to engage in  scientific and research work and to undertake special technical work independently.

7.3 Arguments of thesis must be specific, with its words concise, experiment data true and reasonable and without any fraud. If any irregularities or fraud is found out, students’ defense eligibility will be revoked and the student will be recorded as cheating.

7.4 In accordance with the regulation of studying program, thesis of  international graduate students shall be submitted to faculties or departments for evaluation and reviewing by Thesis Defense Committee two months beforehand.

Article Eight  Thesis defense

8.1 Thesis proposal and degree thesis

 graduate students shall complete the selection of thesis topic at the beginning of the second semester, first academic year and then begin the work of the degree thesis . The thesis topic shall be consistent with the research direction of the tutor.

A thesis proposal shall be held publicly in the department and opinions shall be collected extensively before the work of degree thesis. Thesis proposal shall be in accordance with “Principles and Requirements for Topic Selecting and Thesis Proposal of Master Degree Thesis”. When doing the degree thesis work, research design should be scientific and reasonable, experiment records should be in detail and data should be complete and accurate.

8.2 Application requirements for thesis defense  

8.2.1.Students should complete all degree courses, thesis proposal and certain teaching work or clinical practice of the studying plan.

8.2.2 A thesis after being reviewed and finalized by the students supervisor is sent to experts for review. Over three experts are required for a master thesis, and at least one of them must be a master supervisor. The graduate’s supervisor is not allowed as a thesis reviewer. Reviewers who participate in non-blind review cannot join this students oral defense committee. 

8.3 Materials to be submitted for thesis oral defense

8.3.1 Copies of a thesis for each defense committee member

8.3.2 The original lab notebook

8.3.3 Studying program and thesis proposal evaluation form

8.3.4 Degree course transcripts

8.3.5 An original copy of published papers and a photocopy of them

8.4 Fill in the thesis oral defense application two weeks ahead; defense is only allowed with the supervisor’s comment and the approval by the department after examination.

8.5 Defense Committee

8.5.1 There should be at least 5 experts with a title of associate professor and above in the defense committee and at least three of them must be graduate supervisors. This graduate’s supervisor and experts of non-blind review of papers do not participate in this students defense committee. A secretary of defense committee should be appointed.

8.5.2. The defense committee must adhere to the true scientific approach to carry out the review of thesis defense.

8.5.3 The defense committee is only able to suggest      conferring a degree with the agreement by two thirds and above of the whole committee members.

8.5.4 The respondent is entitled to fully clarify his or her academic points of view, the theoretical and practical significance, and obliged to seriously answer questions raised by members of the committee. If the respondent holds disagreements against the review and decision announced by the defense committee, he or she can submit written comments to the school degree committee within seven days.

8.5.5 The relevant faculties and departments should strengthen the review work before the thesis defense and decline applicants who fail to meet the defense eligibility. Regarding theses of interdisciplinary topics, relevant experts should be invited to participate in the thesis defense.

8.5.6 After the defense is over, the materials including the letter of appointment of the defense committee, the book of degree examination and approval , defense meeting record, decision book and defense votes (the number of votes drew is consistent with that of the committee members) should be filled out as required and signed by the relevant faculties and departments and sent to the School of International Education.

Article 9 Professional Degree in Clinical Medicine

      9.1 The requirement for thesis proposal and graduation thesis shall be the same as that for the academic degree graduates.

      9.2 The thesis defense

           9.2.1 The requirements for applying for the thesis defense shall be the same as that for the academic degree graduates.

           9.2.2 Required materials for the thesis defense: in addition to the same required materials for the academic degree graduates, two additional materials are needed :

           (1) A recording book for clinical training.

           (2) The medical records of 10 patients who are either treated or observed by the postgraduates in clinical practice.

           9.2.3 The application letter for thesis defense shall be completed by students two weeks ahead of the planned thesis defense date with their supervisors’ comment and signature and the approval by faculties and departments concerned.

             9.2.4 The other work for the thesis defense shall be the same as the academic graduates’.

Articles 10 The international postgraduates pursuing a master degree at Xuzhou Medical College shall in principle accomplish the graduation thesis and the defense in Chinese. Regulations on Writing Thesis Proposal at Xuzhou Medical College shall be referred to as the writing format of the graduation thesis. If the graduation thesis is written in English, the student shall provide a detailed Chinese abstract.

Chapter 3 Supplementary Provisions

Article 11 The graduation certificate and degree certificate conferred by our college to the international students pursuing a master’s degree shall be written in Chinese in accordance with college regulations and the translated copies in English shall also be printed out and the effect of both versions are equal.

Article 12 Those who have successfully defended their theses shall summit one copy of theses to School of International Education, college archive and library respectively for the record.

Article 13 If irregularities, fraudulent practices or other situations in gross violation of the provisions of these Regulations are found out, our college will revoke the degrees already conferred after reconsideration by its academic degree evaluation committee. For those who fail to defend their graduation theses ,half a year later or within two years, another chance of defense shall be provided after the written application letter by the student and the supervisor’s signature and approval from the faculties and departments concerned and School of International Education and those who successfully defended their theses shall be conferred degree certificates and those who fail again shall not be conferred degree certificates and no more chance of defense shall be provided.

Article 14 The time for students to obtain their degree certificates starts from the day when a resolution to confer an academic degree has been adopted by the academic degree evaluation committee.

Article 15 Any issues not mentioned here can refer to related provisions for graduates of the same kind at Xuzhou Medical College.

Article 16 These provisions shall go into effect from 2014.

Article 17 School of International Education is entrusted by Academic Degree Committee of Xuzhou Medical College to interpret these provisions. 



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