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For International Students Currently Staying outside China: How to Come back to Xuzhou Medical University for Internship?
Time: 2020-01-12
Publisher: 王俊
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Ⅰ.Internship notice will be given by the Teaching Affairs Office around January each year on the website of School of International Education.

Ⅱ. Studentswho have been approved to do the internship in non-appointed hospitals but are not able to complete it due to various reasons should submit the Internship Application Form (Attachment 01) and deposit transfer proof  for examination via email at, if they intend to come back to XZMU for Internship.

III. Students need to pay 20% of the tuition fee which will be charged asinternship deposit (not refundable), this can be offset as tuition fee after the internship registration.

IV. Please consult the Student Affairs Office for issues concerningtuition fee, visa, accommodation and other student related matters for coming back to XZMU for internship via email at


1. The time of internship for international students is usually the beginning of June each year. You need to calculate the time to arrive at the university in advance to handle relevant matters (it is recommended to arrive at the university at least two weeks in advance).

2. After assessing the applicants’ qualification for internship based on the application form, and having received the deposit transfer proof for the internship, the School of International Education will notify the applicants via email. All the applicants are suggested to check their emails regularly.

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