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Bachelor’s Degree Granting Regulations for International Students of XZMC
Time: 2020-01-02
Publisher: 王俊
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        Article 1 The regulation is to standardize the bachelor's degree granting regulations of international students of our college, according to the “Degree Regulations of the People's Republic of China”, “Interim Measures for Implementation of Degree Regulations of the People's Republic of China”, and the actual situation of education and teaching management for international students of our college.

        Article 2 Requirements of the bachelor's degree

International undergraduate students who meet the following conditions, will be granted the bachelor's degree.

1. Ideological and moral aspects

Abide by Chinese laws and the related regulations of our college, and be willing to strive for the development of health career and the physical and mental health of human.

2. Knowledge level and professional skills

Complete the requirements and pass all courses with qualified results as prescribed by the teaching plan. Have a good grasp of basic theory, professional knowledge and basic skills of the subject and the preliminary ability to engage in professional work and scientific research.

3. Physical aspects

Be mentally and physically healthy

        Article 3 Under any of the following circumstances, international students will not be granted the bachelor's degree upon graduation.

1. Have made serious mistakes concerning moral character and disciplines, etc., have received a demerit or above.

2. During the study time, have received two or more punishments.

3. During the study time, have failed in one or more subject.

4. During the study and internship time, have caused liability accident and brought serious consequences.

5. Failed in the graduation exams (theory or practical skills).

6. Failed to get the certificate of HSK level three or above.

7. Graduate students. (Graduate without the qualification to be granted the bachelor’s degree)

        Article 4

For the student who received a demerit or above, if he/she could make remarkable progress, such as being awarded by the college level or above (with written materials) through inspection of over one year, his/her punishment could be cancelled. In this case, if academic degrees committee of the college approves, the student will be granted the bachelor's degree.

        Article 5

If a student fails to pass HSK level three upon graduating, he/she must participate in the exam which is equal to HSK level three held by the college. The student can pass, he/she will be granted the bachelor's degree, and the granting time is decided by the meeting time of academic degrees committee. If the student fails, he/she will not be granted. If a student fails to obtain the bachelor's degree due to other reasons, the college will not grant it after his/her graduation.

        Article 6 Procedures of granting the bachelor's degree

The Teaching Affairs Department and School of International Education should review all the undergraduates’ grades and personal evaluation materials, put forward a name list of students who meet the requirements to be granted the bachelor's degree, and submit to the academic committee of the college to examine for students who do not meet the requirements.

        Article 7

The academic degrees committee of the college owns the right to grant the bachelor's degree. The college will grant the bachelor's degree to students who are approved by the academic degrees committee of the college.

        Article 8 Other regulations

1. If the bachelor's degree is granted at an irregular time due to the advance or delay of the graduation of international students, it should be approved by succeeding meeting of academic degrees committee of the college, the issuing date will be the exact time when the committee approves.

2. The academic degrees committee of the college is responsible for investigating and resolving with the controversial problems and other items during the period of the bachelor's degree granting. The committee has the right to revoke the granting decision that breaks the regulations, and reports the number and related materials of international students who receive bachelor's degrees to department in charge every year for the record.

        Article 9

The academic degrees committee of the college entrusts School of International Education with the right of interpretation.

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