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For International Students Doing Internship outside China: How to Come back to University for Graduation
Time: 2020-01-02
Publisher: 王俊
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Ⅰ. Graduation notice will be given by the Teaching Affairs Office around January each year on the website of School of International Education.

Ⅱ. Students who have completed the internship and intend to come back to XZMU for graduation should submit the following documents for examination via email at

Documents Needed

1. The application form (Attachment :Graduation Application Form)

2. Photos of certain records in the internship handbook, including:

1) In-patient management(≥2 pages)

2) Operation records (≥2 pages)

3) Lecture records (≥2 pages)

4) Ward rounds records (≥4 pages)

5) Attendance records (≥2 pages)

6) After-department examinations (or equivalence, such as an evaluation by a teacher or a department director) (≥2 pages)

7) Medical record writing(at least 8 copies)(≥4 pages)

3. Scanning copy of HSK certificate

III. Please consult the Student Affairs Office for visa application, accommodation and other student related matters for coming back to XZMU via email at

IV. After assessing the applicants’ qualification for graduation based on the provided documents, the School of International Education will notify the applicants via email. Students must bring all the necessary documents to school according to the notification; otherwise, they may have problems for graduation. All the applicants are suggested to check their emails regularly.

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