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Regulations of Choosing Scientific Laboratory for International Students
Time: 2019-12-11
Publisher: 王俊
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    According to the MBBS program of Xuzhou Medical University, international students are required to take certain hours of scientific research in their 10thsemester.    

    The teaching affairs office of the department of international education will coordinate with scientific labs and provide a list of labs for students to choose according to their interest. Due to the limited number of qualified teachers and capacity of each lab, etc., each lab is only able to accept a limited number of students. Followings are the regulations of choosing scientific labs:

1. Students sign names for labs provided by the department.

2. Each lab has a fixed number of students they can accept.

3. If the number of applicants for one lab is more than the fixed number, then the students with higher scores in the 9th semester have the priority to choose first.

4. The school of international education reserves the right of interpretation of these regulations

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