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Implementing Regulations of Repeating Courses Management of International Undergraduate Students at Xuzhou Medical University
Time: 2019-12-11
Publisher: 王俊
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These regulations are formulated according to the provisions of the Implementing Regulations of Repeating Courses Management of Undergraduate Students at Xuzhou Medical University, aimed at further standardizing the repeating courses management of international undergraduate students.

Chapter 1 The Scope of Application

Article 1These regulations are applicable to all the situations concerning repeating courses for registered and on-campus undergraduate international students at Xuzhou Medical University.

Chapter 2 Applicable Conditions and Organizational Forms Article 2 Applicable Conditions

1. A student, who has failed a course exam and failed the make-up exam again, can apply to repeat the course.

2. A student, who is not eligible to take the make-up exam due to all kinds of reasons, can apply to repeat the course.

3. A student, who has passed the course exam (below 80 points) but needs to improve the performance, can apply to repeat the course.

Article 3 Organizational Forms

1.Online submissions: International students can apply to repeat courses from fourth to fifth week in each semester in the teaching management system.

2.Study patterns: The study patterns for repeating courses are categorized into joining the class on a regular basis and self-studying.

1) Joining the class on a regular basis

A student, who has applied to repeat a course, attend the classes of the course according to the teaching arrangements.

2) Self-studying

A student, whose repeating course arrangement is in conflict with the current courses arrangement of the semester, can choose self-directed learning and take the repeating examination. Students in the internship should choose the self-studying pattern.

Chapter 3 Qualifications

Article 4 Times Limits

There is no limit of the times of repeating the courses for on-campus students during the academic durations. A student, who has signed his/her name for the repeating course, cannot abandon the examination without any good reason.

Upon graduation, if a student still has a failed subject, he/she can apply to repeat the course, and take the repeating examination organized by the school. For each subject, the student can only take the exam once.

Article 5 Subjects Limits

To ensure the learning effect, the repeating subjects for each student for each semester should be no more than 3; if there are some special reasons to repeat more than 3 subjects, the student himself/herself should file an application, the supervisor checks the situation, the charge leader write comments and sign his/her name, and the School of International Education examines and verifies the application, after completing the procedure of which, there can be more than 3 repeating subjects.

Article 6 Other Limits

1. Theoretically, students can only repeat the courses in the according semesters. Students should check the course code carefully, which should be in consistent with the original course code.

2. If the credits, names, or course content are altered due to teaching program adjustment, School of International Education should first verify the situation, and then the students can apply to repeat the courses.

3. Students cannot apply any subject in another major, unless there are some changes in the teaching program.

Chapter 4 Examination Arrangement Article 7 Repeating Examinations Arrangement

The repeating examinations take place at the same time with the course examinations. Students who have signed up for the repeating courses cannot abandon the examinations for no reason. There are no make-up examinations for repeating examinations.

Article 8 Delayed Examinations Arrangement

1. If a repeating examination time is in conflict with a course examination time, students can apply to delay the repeating examination. If the School of International Education approves, the students can take the delayed examination for the repeating examination.

2. If a student applies to delay the repeating examination due to physical reasons, he/she should provide the disease proof made by the national second-class hospital.

Article 9 Repeating Examinations Arrangement before Internship

Before the internship begins, School of International Education will organize a specific repeating examination. The examination time is from April to May each year.

Article 10 Repeating Examinations Arrangement during Internship

During the internship, students are not allowed to return to school to take any repeating examinations. They can take the repeating examination arranged by the School of International Education after the internship. The examination time is from June to July each year. The repeating subjects for these students should be no more than 3.

Chapter 5 Scores for Repeating Courses

The highest score among all the scores for the same repeating course will be recorded as the student’s score for the course. The score will be marked as a repeating score.

Chapter 6 Expenses for Repeating Courses

The expenses for repeating courses are calculated based on the course credits. 70 yuan will be charged for 1 credit (100 yuan * 0.7)

Chapter 7

The regulations shall be implemented from the date of publishing. The School of International Education reserves all the right for the final explanation

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