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2022 XZMU Admission Brochure for Pre-medical Program
Time: 2021-01-01
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I. Program introduction:

Founded in 2011, School of International Education (SIE) of Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU) provides the degree programs for international students at UG level: M.B.B.S. and nursing, and at PG level: master, master & doctor, and doctoral programs in clinical and research types. In addition,the pre-medical program opens to the international applicants who plan to further study M.B.B.S. or Nursing programs in our university after completing the pre-medical program successfully.All our international education programs are English taught.

II. Duration:one semester (only spring intake)

III. Teaching arrangement

Study method:Onlinestudy through computer system(platform: superstar app学习通)

Courses: Chinese Language, A Survey to China, Advanced Mathematics, Medical Physics, Medical Chemistry.

IV. Admission Qualifications

1.Age 18-23 with physical and mental health. Applicants under 18-year-old and above 16-year-old should submit their parents’confirmation and authorization letter of legal guardians in China.See the attachment at the end.

2.Applicants shall have senior high school diploma or above, all grades should meet admission standards. If the applicants are in the last semester of high school study, they shall submit the provisional graduation certificate to school system.

3. English proficiency: If the official language is English, the grades should meet admission standards. If not, students should provide relevant English language certificate as the working or learning language for university study, such as IELTS, TOEFL, or pass the online interview by our university.

4. Applicants shall abide by the laws of China and the regulations of XZMU.

5. To the applicant in any of these situations:

1) Who was born with a foreign nationality, and one or both of his/her parents are living abroad with Chinese nationalities;

2) Who abandoned his/her original Chinese nationality and then joined a foreign nationality after emigrating from any region of China, such as Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan, etc.

According to the Government Document No.12 (2020) by Ministry of Education of China, the applicant should: 1) hold the valid foreign passport or nationality credentials for at least four years, and 2) in the most recent four years (up to April, 30thof the admission year), a record of living abroad for at least two years (nine months and above can be counted as one year, which is subject to the passport entry and exit page stamps). He/she should provide related documents as follows (including documents mentioned in part V“Application documents uploaded to system”): Naturalization certification; Cancellation of the original nationality; passport entry and exit stamp pages of the last four years; Study records abroad in the most recent four years.

V. Application and Registration Time

Online application system:

Application time: March 2022- April 2022

Registration time: The online classes will start in the end of April 2022. Please contact student affairs office after receiving admission offer to complete the new students’ registration procedures and then start the course study, The batch tutor’s contact also will be given to students at the same time via school system notices.

VI. Application Procedures

1.Applicants should use the international student online service system on our school website for application:

Application documents uploaded to system (each E version document shall be within 1.5mb size):

(1)2-inch color bareheaded electronic photo, white background, no less than 320*240 pixel size, 100-500KB in JPG format. Please make sure to upload the correct photo, which will be used later for government system check.

(2)Copy of valid passport, current visa/residence permit page (if have), highest diploma (at least high school, or the provisional graduation certificate for the senior high school student in the last semester) and transcript. (Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English shall be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.)

(3) Non-criminal Record

(4) Foreigner Physical Examination Form

(Note: Students who are currently in China must provide (3) and (4))

(5) A self-statement within 500 words in English to put in “other document” part in system. Moreover, the content of the statement should include a brief self-introduction, study or work experiences, the reason of choosing our program, and future study plan to specify that if the applicant will select M.B.B.S., or nursing program of our university.

(6) E copy of handwriting signature.

(7) Other supportive materials if have, such as excellent performance certificates, etc.

(8) Fill in all the basic personal information in school system.Make sure to provide correct current email and home address, and at least one social media contact (of QQ/Wechat/Dingding) when filling in application in system.

2. SIE will select the outstanding applicants according to application materials and admission scheme. Usually applicants will get E offer or reply in 3-5 workdays after submitting application materials in the system. The E-offer (pre-admission letter) will be sent to the applicant who passed pre-check through the system. After that, applicants should pay non-refundable CNY 2000 for locking the seat and upload the scanning copy of payment receipt to the online system within 7 days after he/she received pre-admission letter. The admission deposit will be offset as fees he/she needs to pay after registration in XZMU.

3. After confirming the admission deposit, school will issue formal admission E offer to applicants via system. Formal admission offer together with related office teacher’s contact will be provided to the qualified applicants via school system.Note: For students currently in China, we will apply related study visa based on government policies and university rules in the pandemic time.

4. Then, enrolled students shall contact student affairs office teacher in charge for the new students’ registration procedures including full school fees payment and other registration procedures accordingly. The students will be guided to join the online study platform after finishing all the required procedures accordingly. Failing to join the online study within two weeks without school permission shall be regarded as automatic withdrawal.

5. The applicants in China must get school permission before coming to our campus according to related policies and rules in the pandemic time, while those who are not in China do not need to enter China for the online courses. However, if there is any change due to actual situation, we will give notices to the students in time. Please pay attention to school notices in system in application process and keep close contact with batch tutor after admission.

VII. Fees (CNY)

Tuition fee: 12 000 RMB/person

Hostel fee: 2 300 RMB/person/semester (double room) for students currently in China

Others: For students in China, university will help you go through all procedures in new students’ registration time, such as payment, physical examination, residence permit and insurance. Students have to pay required fees to the acceptors during all procedures. No fees are refundable and their use cannot be changed.

VIII. Graduation

The students must complete all the courses of pre-medical program, and then participate in the online graduation examination. Those who pass all the evaluations by school will get graduation certificates and other necessary documents, and be allowed to apply undergraduate programs of M.B.B.S. or Nursing in XZMU with priority.In this case, the applicants must be corresponding to the requirements of admission brochures of the degree programs in the current year and apply via school online system to the planned degree program.SIE will decide whether the new application to the degree program is approved or not according to the student’s study performances and comprehensive abilities. We will give priority to well-performed students in selection of the provincial government scholarship winners after admission, or special scholarship for new students in Nursing program.(Note: the scholarship evaluation may vary accordingly based on the most updated policies each year. Related offices of our school will give necessary guidance to students in the right step either in application process or after admission.)


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